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Guidelines for submissions: Format: Only  JPEG (.jpg files) are acceptable.  Information: Please provide information about the picture you are uploading  as   required in form. Pictures without this information may be rejected. Size: Image pixel dimensions should be at least 1600x1200. Image files should  not exceed 2MB  Quality: Photographs should not be blurry, unfocused, grainy, overly dark or  bright or of bad contrast, excessively distorted, or be badly exposed. o Avoid using the automatic date/time stamping feature of your camera o Image manipulation that materially changes the depiction of the  subject not acceptable. o Please do retain the EXIF data embedded in photographs by digital  cameras o Do not include text captions, watermark in your photograph. Text  captions, watermark will result in the photographs being rejected. Repetition: Please do not submit repetitive pictures of the same subjects.  Attempt to introduce some variations, such as taking pictures from different  vantage points, to make the pictures more interesting. Pictures that are  substantially the same (same subject, same angle or viewpoint) will generally  be summarily rejected. Remember, quality is far more important than quantity! Do not submit images from web sites, magazines, etc.  Restricted material: Please DO NOT submit any images of illegal activities.  Please DO NOT submit any material related to restricted areas/places. Please  be prudent in submitting any material that touches on security, Violating  material will be deleted.  You also give us permission to modify or enhance you photo for optimal display. The gallery administrators reserve the right to manage the items of this album at their discretion, including deleting items that have earlier been approved. Upload photographs Upload Photograph now Home