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You are here: Home > Nature > Sunsets 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 The sun is one of the fescinating mysteries of the universe and its beauty is unparallel, take the  time to aapriciate its beauty and all its orrers us. The sun fould be a source of great inspiration,  if we’d only stop for a moment to realize it. Mother nature has blessed Himachal Pradesh with  gorgeous sceneries and magnificent sunsets to relax after another perfect.  Nature  Sunsets  Landscapes  Winter Seson  Waterfalls  Lakes  Birds  Hot Water Spings  Forests/Rivers  Butterflies  Wild Flowers  Dusk/Dawn  Sunrise at Khangsar (Lahaul) Sunset at Chowk (Sarkaghat) Sunset at Mashobra (Shimla) Sunset at Darlaghat Sunset at Nahrla (Chowk-Baldwara) Sunset at Kothi (Mandi) Sunset at Kashmali (Chowk-Sarkghat) Sunset at Dyar (Bhuntar-Kullu) Sunset near Ftehpur (Sarkaghat) Sunset at Solang (Manali) Sunset at Solang (Manali) Sunset at Kashmali (Chowk-Baldwara) Sunset at Solang (Manali) Sunset at Nahrla (Chowk-Mandi) Miscellaneous  Sunset at Subathu (Solan) Sunset at Dyar (Bhuntar-Kullu) Sunset at Bilaspur Sunset near Bhararighat Sunset at Bagan (Kullu) Sunset at Ridge (Shimla) Sunset near Bhararighat Sunset at Bilaspur Sunset at Dador (Ner Chowk-Mandi) Sunset in Distt. Solan Sunset in Distt. Solan